Famjet TL300 - DK

Resolution: max 600 dpi.
Environment Operating temperature: 5 ° C / 40 ° C Storage Temperature (controller): -10 ° C / 60 ° C Storage Temperature (cartridge): 2 ° C / 50 ° C Humidity: Up to 70
Printing Speed: 124 m/min at a resolution of 150 dpi 62 m/min at a resolution of 300 dpi 31 m/min at a resolution of 600 dpi
Power Supply: AC: 110v-220v a 50-60Hz, 1A DC: 15v , 2A
Print Height: Up to 12.7 mm, more of 'printing lines
Weight: 4kg
Consumables: Cartridge 42 ml water HP®645A basis for porous surfaces Possible colors: Black, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow, Magenta, Orange Cartridge 42 ml HP® for non-porous surfaces (different types) industrial system with cartridge and reservoir 370 ml HP®C6119A
Printable Characters: Text Variable data: Production Dates /deadline Counters Shift code Julian date Logo: up to 200 logos in memory Bar Codes: saved by something like logo
External Interface: RS 232 USB photocell encoder
Accessories: Amortized outdoor protection Lamp head Support for cartridge with 370 ml reservoir System Editor PC software
Dimensions: Print Head: 106 x 60x 65mm Support: 300mm

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