Famjet MAXI-Mobile

Display (user interface) Touch screen (3.5’’) version
Resolution: Max 600 dpi
Printing Speed: Up to 31 m/min@600 dpi
Print Height: Up to 24.4 mm, multiple lines
Weight: 980 grams
Printable Characters: Text: all English letters, digits, symbols
Dimensions: (H*W*D): 212x135x120 (mm)
Operating Temperature: 5 C° / 40 C°
Technology: TIJ
Ink: Support various colors of ink: black, red, green, blue. Support Porous, semi-porous and non-porous materials
Storage Temperature: Storage temperature(Printer): -10 C° / 60 C° Storage temperature(Cartridge): 2 C° / 50 C°
Humidity: Up to 70% non-condensing
Throw distance Up to 3mm

Famjet Maxi Mobile

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