Portable, ultra-compact wireless (battery powered), lightweight (less than 0,5 kg) TIJ mobile printer.

MAXI MINI MOBILE is synonymous of advanced technology, very easy to use, and affordable price.
It is able to print on a large range of porous and non-porous surfaces multiline messages in a printing area up to 25,4 mm.
It’s equipped with Kao Collins® 1” Thermal inkjet cartridges technology containing water or solvent base inks.
Alphanumeric characters, logos and barcodes also bidirectional (datamatrix etc.) can be printed at various resolution levels up to 750 dpi.
Messages, also containing variable data, counters etc., can be edited directly through the Android touch screen display or created on the PC through the software editor supplied with the printer.
MAXI MINI MOBILE is available with a 4 wheels encoder (suitable for flat surfaces) or a 2 wheels encoder (suitable for round surfaces).
MAXI MINI MOBILE is the perfect replacement for stencils, stamps, roller coders and other obsolete contact printing systems.

Display (user interface): Touch screen (3,5")
Resolution: Up to 750 dpi
Environment Storage Temperature (controller): -10° C / 60° C - Storage Temperature (cartridge): 2° C / 50° C - Humidity: Up to 70%
Printing Speed: 1 print/2 seconds
Power Supply: AC: 110v-220v a 50-60Hz, 1A DC: 15v, 2A
Print Height: Up to 25,4 mm on one or more lines
Weight: 0,5kg
Consumables: Cartridge 42 ml Kao Collins® 1” (25,4mm) water or solvent base for porous and non-porous surfaces
Printable Characters: Text variable data: production date /deadline counter, shift code, Julian date. Logo: up to 200 logos in memory. Bar Codes saved like logos, QR Codes, Datamatrix
External Interface: USB or WI-FI connection (optional)
Accessories: Editor PC software
Memory: Up to 500 messages
Throw distance: Up to 3 mm
Dimensions: H 200 x L 67 x P 115 mm

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