Refurbished printers

Fam provides second hand printers, completely refurbished and with valid warranty , such as Videojet, Markem Imaje ink, Domino and Linx. We offer a wide range of refurbished printers brands including Videojet, Linx, Willett,Hitachi, Leibinger, Citronix, Domino, Linx and Markem-Imaje. Available models are perfectly suitable for modern use in its best way including latest developments and encoding standards in line with customer's needs.

FAM International offers various reconditioned machines such as refurbished Videojet 1000 series printers and Excel inkjet markers 170-2000-UHS perfectly suitable for effective ink marking on a production line. These models are perfectly suitable in sectors like food, bavarge, pharmaceutical, and industrial goods. Also Refurbished Ink Domino, Domino Inkjet Spare parts Markem-Imaje and Linx will become a perfect low cost solution to run your marking needs.

The quality of our reconditioned printers is guaranteed by the experience and reliability of FAM brand, which has always offered its customers high quality solutions at affordable prices. For more information on used industrial inkjet printers - Videojet ink, Parts Linx, Ink Willett, Printer Hitachi, Leibinger, Citronix, Printer Domino, Printer Linx and Markem-Imaje.