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Inks for Willett® Printers

Willett is one of the leading brands worldwide for code printing on cardboard and expiry date impression, specialized in the small character printers sector.
Willett produces a large selection of coding solutions printers using various technologies from ink jet to thermal transfer overprinting.
Fam International manufactures and sells replacement ink products for all major Willet printers, providing high quality inks but at a fraction of the cost of the name-brand ink. The professional techniques of our modern chemical laboratories ensure consistent quality products and let us manufacture Willett printer products that meet all of our customer' s requirements. All fluids produced by Fam International must undergo strict quality control performed by highly experienced technicians.

Ink Makeup Oem Fluid specifications
WIL601 201-0001-601 General purpose black ink for most plastics and metals
VW602 201-0001-602 Black General purpose ink WILLETTŪ/VIDEOJETŪ printer Superior printing an excellent adhesion on substrates such as plastics, metal, paper, wood, ceramic and glass. Will survive the Autoclave process when printed on glass, rigid plastics and metals. Dry time is typically at 0.5-1.5 seconds depending on the ambient conditions and substrate.
WIL630 201-0001-630 Black Ink
WIL603 201-0001-603 General purpose red ink for most plastics and metals
WIL644 201-0001-644 Alcohol Resistant Black Ink
WIL624 201-0001-624 Diaper Blue Ink- Wetness Indicator
WIL619 201-0001-619 General Purpose Fast Drying MEK Black Ink
WIL626 201-0001-626 Mek Autoclave Black Ink
WIL607 201-0001-607 Ethanol General Pourpose Black Ink
WIL012 201-CJ01-012 MEK Polycoding Black Ink
WIL013 201-CJ01-013 Alcohol resistant Black Ink
WIL033 201-CJ01-033 General Purpose Blue Ink
WIL211 201-CJ01-211 Ethyl Acetate General Purpose Black Ink
WIL085 201-CJ04-085 White Pigmented Ink
WIL681 V0001-681 General Purpose Black Ink - Cold Fill Glass