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Thermal hi-resolution Inkjet printers

9mm High Printing System Featuring Disposable Inkjet Cartridges, Multiple Print Lines with Real time Data.

Technical Specification
• 100 - 240 VAC Power Supply
• Backlit LCD Display
• Multi Language Support, English, Chinese, Japanese
• Logo Printing Designer
• Stainless Steel Print Head Holder

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The TL-96 Printer offers complete control of your print design and print data from the LCD screen and keypad.

The TL-96 uses a 9 mm printhead which is inserted directly into the printhead housing. It is easy for operators to change the printhead when required.
Easy to install and replace the ink cartrige, with a wide availability of cartrige inks.

The simple control menu is easy to navigate making message creation nice and easy. It is possible to have static text messages or messages which contain auto date and counter fields.

The printer is supplied as simple kit including all the parts needed to setup and begin printing with no additional hardware or software required.