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Small character inkjet printers

ccs 3000 PC coder Jet CCS-3000
Deliver Both beauty of funcionalities and reliability
• Removable 10.4 inch Colour Touch Panel
• Reduced operational costs.
  Up to 35% make up consumption reduction.
• Nozzle capping system
• User Interface to prompt intuitive operation
• QR code and data Matrix support
• Up to 999 messages and 4.096 Characters
  per each message
• External UBS memory supported
• CE certified and RoHS complied.
• Up to 10 digits Counters
• Multiple languages available
• Improved communication speed, Ethernet support
• Embedded head heater for operation in a cold environment
• Air pressurized system to keep the printhead inside cleaned from dust.

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Stainless Steel Body
The body is made of robust stainless steel material. Thus, there is no worry about the operational environment where water is used.
Printhead is closer to the substrate!
As the printhead has been designed to be so compact that printing on various shaped substrates has become possible. Another benefit is that the printhead can be mounted where there is only a small space.

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You can operate the equipment in the wider environmental conditions.
• This machine can be operational under the temperature conditions between 0 and 40 degrees C thanks to the heater built in the printhead.
• You do not need to have an air compressor thanks to the use of the built in puring pump.
There is no worry about the highly dusty environment to operate this machine.

Easy to operate it as you see it
• Ultimate functionality is considered in designing the key board.
• Input can be made easily just by checking printing data as the image is displayed on the screen.

Even a small printhead is equipped with full functionalities to optimize the use of ink for printer
We have "Interval Mechanism" which automatically recirculates the printers ink even during non-operational time thus, it eliminates risk of nozzle blocking due to dried ink for the use after a long non-operational condition.