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Hi-Resolution inkjet fluids

Inks for:
» Markem®
» Marsh®
» Domino®
» Videojet®
» Imaje®
» Trident ®
» Xaar®

Fam International is one of the worldwide leading supplier of high resolution inks specifically developed for use in piezo-electric and hot melt ink jet applications.
Using the expertise of their PhD polymer chemist, Fam International has developed hot melt inks specifically for use in the Markem® wax based ink jet printers.
Markem® Hot Melt Ink Jet inks provide crisp, clean printing of fixed and variable information such as sell by dates, lot codes, prices and even graphics.
These inks achieve excellent bar code readability while maintaining machine friendly reliability.
Fam International has become one of world's leading suppliers of high resolution ink for Markem®, Marsh®, Trident®, Xaar®, Videojet®, Domino® and Imaje® head piezo-electric printers.
Trident® powered high resolution ink jet printers are frequently sold under their OEM partners names including: Marsh®, Videojet®, Diagraph®, Foxjet®, ITI® and Imaje brands.