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Inks for Markem HI-RES® Printers

Markem-Imaje is a worldwide manufacturer of product identification and traceability systems. Markem produces a full line of hotmelt ink printers which are used to apply identifying marks on products.
Fam International, using its long experience and expertise in PhD polymer chemist, has developed hot melt inks specifically for use in MarkemŽ wax based ink jet printers. The ink created by Markem produces excellent bar code readability while maintaining machine friendly reliability.
Fam International offers a large range of hotmelt inks which can be used in each printer produced by Markem.

Ink Oem Fluid specifications
57 BLK Serie 5000 5002-5003-5005 Wax Based Ink
98 BLK Serie 5800 Wax Based Ink
96 BLK Serie 962 Wax Based Ink
97 BLK Serie 9064 90003 / 8093376 90005 / 8093378 90006 / 8093380 90007 / 8093382 90010 / 8093385 90011 / 8093387 90014 / 8093390 Wax Based Ink