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Industrial CIJ Ink and make up for Linx Printers

Fam International manufactures top quality inks and make up for Linx Printers applied in industrial marking and coding. Linx Ink consumables made by Fam International represent quality and performance completely satisfying Linx benchmarks: fluids and solvents from Fam International provide a major alternate for industrial marking. High quality Linx make up products guarantee consistent ink performance and durability of printing operations.

Linx is an internationally well-known supplier of coding, marking products and other industrial printing solutions including inkjet printers. Italian manufacturer Fam International upgrades Linx Continuous Ink Jet printing technology for industrial application to the new level. We maximize your savings and optimize the performance of Linx high-resolution, drop-on-demand, and continuous inkjet coders by producing and selling a large range of ink products suitable for all Linx printers. We sell standard-formula inkjet fluids in many colors suitable for all inkjet printer machines by Linx.

The European leader in the security ink field, Fam international is glad to sell you Linx make up products at very special prices! We want to provide you with high quality consumables for your industrial printing operations. Fam International is a competitive company working with high standard of professionalism, in order to give you only the best of the quality, to help you obtain what you want and to help you to unlock the full potential of CIJ printing technology.

Ink Makeup Oem Fluid specifications
LIN 31 LIN 2500 LINX 2030 General purpose black ink for printing on dry plastics, metal, and glass substrates.
LIN 1010 LIN 1505 LINX 1010 General Pourpose Black Ink
LIN 1014 LIN 1505 LINX 1014 Black Plastic Ink
LIN 1039 LIN 1606 LINX 1039 Yellow ink
LIN 1055 LIN 1505 LINX 1055 Wet Glass Black Ink
LIN 1059 LIN 1606 LINX 1059 White ink
LIN 1240 LIN 1512 LINX 1240 Matthews L219 Very fast drying general purpose ink
LIN 3103 LIN 3501 LINX 3103 For use on tin, aluminum, steel, HDPE, PE and paperboard
HAPS Free In
LIN 1305 LIN 1505 LINX 1305 White ink