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Inks for Leibinger® Printers

Leibinger® is a German company producing high quality inks and inkjet printers for industrial coding where they are known for their reliability and high quality.

Leibinger® inkjet printers are able to mark and code different kind of surfaces (including plastic, cardboard, glass, metal and much more), but these inkjet printers achieve their best results mainly in industrial applications such as marking and coding pipes using pigmented inks.

Fam International produces and offers a large choice of inks for Leibinger® inkjet printers, available in different colours, all manufactured with high quality standards and low costs.

In order to satisfy all the Leibinger® inkjet printers users', Fam International is able to offer a compatible version of Leibinger® make up and ink, the right choice to keep using a marking and coding inkjet printer with excellent performance standards but at the fair price.

Below, a list of compatible inks for Leibinger® inkjet printers:

Ink Makeup Oem Fluid specifications
LEI 702 LEI 701 70000-00001 Black Ink
LEI 723 LEI 701 70000-00023 Black Ink
LEI 704 LEI 770 70000-00004 White Pigmented ink
LEI 715 LEI 770 70000-00015 Yellow Pigmented ink
LEI 730 LEI 770 70000-00030 Black Pigmented ink