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Inks for Imaje® Printers

Imaje is a world leader in the manufacturing of product identification and traceability solutions, producing a full range of high quality inkjet printers. Fam International supplies an extensive choice of ink products for Imaje printer machines, applying high quality controls and technologies. Fam International ships worldwide within 24 hours most of its printer Imaje products, saving money and downtime costs to its customers.

Fam International offers you a wide range of inks for your Imaje printers. On our web site www.fam-printing.com you will be able to find more information about all these products and many others as well. Be ready to finally find what you have been looking for for a long time! Fam International's first aim is to satisfy all its customers' requirements by providing them with high quality products.

Ink Makeup Oem Fluid specifications
IMA50 IMA505 IMAJEŽ 5550 Black, general purpose ink. Suited to print on metal, glass and plastic. This ethanol based ink is specifically designed to meet the environmental requirements that are required for MEK and Methanol free ink.
2159-H 303 IMAJEŽ 9174 IMAJEŽ 5135 IMAJEŽ 9154-9155 IMAJEŽ 9175 IMAJEŽ 5157E Formulated for excellent adhesion to plastics Can also be used as general purpose black ink One second dry time
IMA554 IMA154 IMAJEŽ 5554 For Printing on wire and cable, also PVC 1-2 second dry time Excellent lightfastness
IMA5149 295 IMAJEŽ 5149 White pigmented ink.
IMA5160 295 IMAJEŽ 5160 White pigmented ink.
IMA5151 295 IMAJEŽ 5151 Yellow pigmented ink.
IMA5132 295 IMAJEŽ 5132 Yellow pigmented ink.
IMA5553 IMA255 IMAJEŽ 5553 Invisible fluorescent ink developed for non-porous industrial products such as glass, metal and plastic.