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Refurbished equipment:
» Videojet®
» Imaje®
» Domino®
» Linx®
» Willett®
» Hitachi®
» Leibinger®

Fam International sells a range of refurbished ink jet equipment for any type of printer from Hitachi®, Domino®, Linx®, Videojet®, Imaje®, Willett®, Leibinger®, Markem®.
These completely refurbished printers come with a product detector, print-head stand, floor stand, power conditioner, and air regulator.
If you are in the market for a ink jet printer but can't find the budget to purchase a new model, then one of our refurbished models will meet virtually all of your needs. You will be able to choose from a printer selection by Hitachi®, Domino®, Linx®, Markem®, Imaje®, Willett®, Leibinger®
Fam International will also purchase your used ink jet printers.