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Inks for Citronix® Printers

Citronix is a company which designs and manufactures a large selection of continuous ink jet printers which are used to apply identifying marks on products (for example best before dates, codes which needs to be traced, logos and batch codes). Fam International provides a wide range of inks for Citronix® printers, in various colors for different application needs. Fam International provides extensive quality assurance, thanks to a rigid system of Quality Control of the product.

With an enviable strong team of chemists dedicated to research & development, Fam International, the branch of Fam Favata dedicated to international distribution of high quality products for industrial printing in over 120 countries, has all the inks and spare parts your business needs. Our replacement ink for Citronix machines, for example, is one of our most successful products, but we can also provide you with make up Citronix fluids and cleaners, as well as other major brands in the field of non-impact printing.

Ink Makeup Oem Fluid specifications
C-100 C-100 Y 300-1002-001 Yellow ink.
C-101 C-101 Y 300-1001-001 Black ink.
C-102 C-102 Y 300-1032-001 Black plastic ink.