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Inkjet Fluids, Printers And Accessories

Fam International is the new division of Fam Favata Advanced Marking, a company founded in 1954.
Located in the Northern part of Italy (Milan), the company was established to achieve the following goals :

» Offer total coding and marking solutions
» Set up a worldwide and professional distributor organization

Fam International designs and distributes globally coding and marking equipment, fluids and accessories to meet customers product identification requirements: independent ink cartridges, inkjet and videojet ink printer solutions, and many other products.
The philosophy is to provide a full spectrum of equipment and services for manufacturing process, to build partnerships providing customers with reliable solutions, at the best value on the market.

Fam International technologies include:
» Inkjet fluids (including ink cartridges and printer inks)
» Inkjet parts
» Small character and large character inkjet printers
With over 60 distributors worldwide, Fam International operates in more than 120 countries.

Black and coloured videojet ink products and water-based solvents, alcohol, MEK and oil, for ink-jet printers DOD produced by: Videojet, Domino, Markem, Hitachi, Linx, Willett, Leibinger, Citronix and many others.